How To Treat Acne Naturally: 3 Simple Tips

If you are one of those patients who are fans of organic products then tea tree oil for toenail fungus will be up your street. This is one of those natural treatment programs that give patients a sense of security against the possibility of harmful side effects. The alternative name for the product is Melaleuca Oil. This is an extract from the Melaleuca tree. This product is to be distinguished from tea oil which is extracted from Camellia sinensis or Camellia oleifera. The tree is normally found in Australia within the New South Wales region. In commercial terms the oil is often used for cosmetic purposes. Therefore it will benefit from a long tradition of allergenic tests.

You’ll probably want to do this treatment in the evening so that you don’t have to go around your day with a crazy red face. You may need to do it a few times to get the results you want. It may not work for you either – everyone’s skin is different and while this treatment has worked great for me and other people, it might be a different story for you.

It is useful for a whole range of skin conditions. If you suffer from eczema, you may have experienced the itch associated with this condition becoming infected. Rubbing a tea tree oil per cistite lotion into the affected skin can help ease the itchiness and provide some relief. Eczema can cause the skin to become inflamed, itchy and red. The skin can become cracked and scaly causing distress to the sufferer. It is usually an allergic reaction although it can also be hereditary. People who suffer with this condition are usually also lacking in essential fatty acids, zinc and B12.

Put a few drops of oil in water and gargle with it and spit it out. It is good treatment for gingivitis, tooth ache or tooth infection. It is good treatment for clearing up a sore throat.

If there is an obvious reaction, cut the 100% pure in half so you are using 50% and try another test patch. If that does not work then try starting at a small amount of dilution as most people can tolerate this strength.

If you have children you will probably have come across head lice. These creatures, while not harmful, are extremely irritating not only because they cause itching but they are also difficult to get rid of. But lice do not like tea tree oil so try adding a couple of drops of the oil to your normal shampoo. Use every time you wash your child’s hair, massaging it into their scalp and leaving for five minutes. This should act as a deterrent to the lice. If your child already has lice, it is probably best to get of the infestation first using a nit comb. Then start applying the tea tree oil shampoo to keep the lice at bay.

If you are feeling under the weather but the doctor has given you the all clear, you may find that you benefit from a massage using tea tree oil. It is used to stimulate the immune system but will also help to kick start your vitality again. Why not give it a go and experience the miracles of tea tree oil for yourself?

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