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Ringworm -funny name, isn’t it? Yes, they are ring-shaped but they are not caused by worms. It is unclear why this infection is called “ringworms” even if it is not caused by worms. It’s caused by fungi. Yes, the yeasts that are usually on your bread can infect your skin, too!

The oils on your skin can be transferred to your makeup through your brushes. Get in the habit of cleaning them regularly. Once a week is good. You can use a gentle shampoo or body wash and allow them to dry naturally.

A recent New York Times article sheds light on how hair coloring for young girls is all the rage. No one tracks how many girls 12 and younger go to professionals to receive lowlights that darken, pale tints of color, straighteners, curl-inducing permanents or full-color dye with highlights, but, “the trend is definitely there,” said Gordon Miller, a spokesman for the National Cosmetology Association.

The traffic in these places are useful because people are usually bored while waiting for their clothes to finish. Hair salons and Barber Shops are also full of bored people that are waiting. Get permission and leave them where they fit in.

If you are not sure how long that you have had that item, chances are it is much longer than you think. It is really in your best interest to replace it. Look for signs of aging such as a suspicious odor,discoloration, chalky or dried-out appearance, separation, or anything else unusual.

In today’s market it is hard to justify spending they way it used to be. The gaping holes where fans used to be grew larger each year, the waiting list has completely vanished and a chunk of income is offset by empty seats, empty parking lots and shrinking lines at concession stands.

So there, these are just some possible places and items where ringworm can spread. It is up to you to take preventive measures for ringworm. But always remember that your best protection from ringworm and other diseases are a good personal hygiene and proper handwashing.

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