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For club goers, Washington, D.C. offers adrenaline-charged nightlife options every day of the week. The nation’s capital, known as a center of political influence, is also a major entertainment hub with clubs and hangouts to fit every taste.

I remember being about age 18 and my father complaining about being a cabo san lucas tours airport shuttle. He used to take me everywhere. Work, nightclubs and he never moaned about early runs to the airport for holidays. We even bought him a sign for his Used Volkswagen Scirocco Rhyl car which said, Dad’s Taxi. Its funny how things tend to go full circle and its now my turn to play taxi driver. The children are only aged 6 and 8 but they are actively involved in anything they can be and consequently I end up driving around like a mad woman. Monday is tennis, Tuesday is singing, Wednesday is Drama, Thursdays we keep free and Friday is swimming. Its great that they have hobbies but they seem to have more of a social life than me. My little girl has recently asked me if she can start horse riding lessons on a Saturday.

The Transportation isn’t a problem in this town, because of the constant taxi services looking for people to pick up. The one main attraction of the Dunstable area is the modern grove theatre and it’s newly made refurbished building. You can go here free of charge.

A Philadelphia shuttle service is a great idea for those who do a lot of traveling or just need a ride somewhere. For example, if you have a flight to catch, rather than park your car in a parking lot at the airport for several days or weeks at a time (which is around $20 a day), you can just take a shuttle to and from the airport. It will end up saving you a ton of money in the long run, and it can totally minimize the amount of pressure it puts on you while traveling.

When we are in a new country we want to start making conversation with the locals as soon as possible. We are so excited that we think airport officials are amongst those who will be interested in conversing with us. Airport officials are doing their job and whether you like it or not when they ask you a question they are interrogating you. They want straight answers and you want to give them these straight answers so that you can get over with that “conversation” as soon as possible.

I don’t like to say no but I love Saturday mornings. I get to have a sleep till at least nine o ‘clock and this would make Saturday another hectic day as she goes to dancing in the afternoon. Sunday morning is also an early start as my son plays football for the local Sunday team. Work, nightclubs and he never moaned about early runs to the airport for holidays. We even bought him a sign for his Used Volkswagen Scirocco Rhyl car which said, Dad’s Taxi. I suppose that I should stop complaining. At least they are using their time effectively. In a few more years I suppose I will be shouting at them to get out of bed after they have had a long night out.

Purchase or make your New Year’s Eve invitations. Send them out early, and request your potential guest to RSVP as soon as possible. Knowing how many guest will be attending will help you when planning your menu and party decorations.

When in the club, never drink anything you did not see the bartender pour yourself. The wrong individual could offer you a drink and will gladly get it for you, with a little something added. Simply say “No thank you” or “Sure, I’ll go with you” when someone offers to get you a drink. Likewise, keep your eyes on your drink at all times.

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