7 Reasons Why Every Organization Needs To Jump Into Social Networking Online

Ever since we are kids we learn how to groom ourselves. When we prepare ourselves for an important business meeting we always try to look our best in order to create a good impression.

The other side of the coin is what are the marketing strategies you’re using to draw potential clients to you in the first place? Is it a combination of online/ offline strategies? How do all the strategies fit together? Are you leveraging your content across many different media? How much of this is automated, i.e. is your blog linked to your Facebook/Twitter/Buy Aged LinkedIn Accounts With real Connections? Are you submitting your articles to article directories?

Would you buy something a from a company with xeroxed flyers? Would you buy something from a company that hassles you by email or phone every day? Would you buy something from a company who’s website only includes a logo and contact information?

If you like the work of someone else, recommend them. The recommendations you write, as well as those you receive go a long way toward helping your visibility and rankings on the site.

A good first post can simply be commentary about an article or blog that relates to your industry. All you need to do is write a short paragraph about why you find this information interesting. Include a link to the article. Don’t worry if no one comments on it. You are just getting started. A good way to get people to read your posts is to make comment about their posts. Join conversations by making comments about articles and blogs. Your comment can be as simple as “interesting points” or “liked the post”. Of course, if you have an opinion, share it. This will help you overcome the fear of posting a comment.

Write articles that link back to your website. There are lots of sites where you can submit articles to get visibility for your site. Another strategy is to write articles or blog posts and give them to people who already have strong followings. Just ask for a link to your website in return for the free article.

Most members will maximize the number of people they send. They figure that if they do not know the person, the person knows them, even if it was an advertising piece not yet read or deleted. New members of course like seeing a suggested process of speeding up connections to business people to start their network. They were never exposed to why this is a very reckless route to take. When the people receive your rubber stamped, brief message invitation, they are asked to connect with you. Three options are available, two very poorly worded.

There are few LinkedIn members obtaining 100 contacts or more from people they already know. In fact, 98 of my first 100 connections were with great business contacts I never even knew of before I joined a group.

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