Why Everyone Should Try Meditation

This is both a guide and a challenge for you to receive some real, powerful benefits from meditation in just 30 days. The goal of the challenge is this; practice these tasks every day, for half an hour, for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days you should be able to perform a very interesting ‘trick’. The trick involves producing heat at will in the palm of your hand. By the end of the 30 days you will try focus energy onto your palm, place it over someone’s arm and they should feel warmth, and possibly the sensation that someone is touching them, even though you are not.

At the conclusion of your catholic meditation, you want to thank God for guiding you through this incredible meditation and for revealing these truths to you and giving you all this peace, help, advice, and hope to nourish your faith. Thank Him again and give God all the credit for the great success of the meditation session.

zen Baltimore has numerous benefits for your social, physical, and spiritual well-being. Brain scan studies done over the years have shown how the brain goes into a calmer, kinder brain wave state after just sitting for 5 minutes. People may notice that you have a demeanor change and you seem to be more patient and you look happier. These changes are sometime subtle and sometimes they are not. You begin to be able to pay attention to your surrounds and your emotions. You do not react as quickly to circumstances and you are more content with your life and what goes on around you.

A 2008 study, titled “Regulation of the neural circuitry of emotion by compassion meditation: effects of medtative expertise” in PLOS One, found that those who meditated had stronger levels in areas of the brain tied to empathy.

First, meditation is not about achieving a goal or getting somewhere. Many people sit down to achieve enlightenment or to calm the mind or find happiness. These are byproducts of meditations, not the goals. Many people struggle with meditation because they feel they are getting nowhere. They feel that they did not accomplish anything in the time spent sitting, when they could have been cutting the lawn or been out Christmas shopping. Humans are taught that they must be ambitious and always trying to reach a goal, and meditation goes against this concept which makes it hard for most people to stay with it.

People that have created a space specifically for meditation tend to hold to their commitment to meditate 80% more of the time then people who do not have a dedicated space available.

Meditation should not be or feel like an “obligation” — though, needless to say, you will have to make time to do it. [Also see next question.] Once a week is a good start. If you can meditate more often, all the better.

If you weren’t able to make someone feel the energy you’ve been feeling, simply try the 30-day challenge again. Start from the beginning and really make sure you follow through with each day. If you succeeded in the challenge, you need to start thinking… what now? I would suggest making meditation a regular part of your day. Make time for it every day and try adding an extra minute every day. Once you are doing an hour of standing meditation every day your life will start to change in ways you can’t even imagine.

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