Six Quick Tips For Being A Better Leader

Everyone has to face public speaking in some point in their lives. You never know when you are going to speak in public. It might be at the wedding of a friend of yours, or at the school of your children.

Hide: It’s not your fault if there were a set of circumstances that ended up forcing you to do or say what you did. This is another classic defense that won’t go over very well with your audience. Don’t even try it. Instead, accept responsibility no matter what the sequence of events was that led you to where you were.

Look for networking events in your community. Don’t expect to be a power networker from the beginning. As they say you can’t expect to run before you can walk. Learn what you can about the organization facilitating the event. What type of people attend the events? Is it purely social in nature or are people expecting to network for business opportunities?

Bush has proven that he does not have much interest in green technology such as solar power. However, thanks to the oil crisis, Bush has finally conceded that an alternative to oil would benefit the United States(hello ethanol).

That is why we must accept the fact that speaking in front of an audience is inevitable and when life throws us lemons, we should just make lemonades. Face our fears head on. We all have that fear in public speaking. Some people may even fear speaking in public more than dying. So before you let that fear get to you, catch it head on. Learn better presentation skill and public speaking. Be the best speaker you can possibly be.

An overall plan to reduce shyness and increase self-confidence would be wise to include joining Toastmasters. Membership will provide you plenty of opportunities to both develop your communication and leadership skills but also plenty of opportunities to network in social situations.

For less than one dollar you can have a Dale Carnegie coach in your pocket. The app includes 90 minute videos for every situation, time tested worry principles, human relations principles, valuable tips for motivating you and your team, and a daily dose of confidence. No matter how many Dale Carnegie books you’ve read or how many trainings you’ve attended, it is always good to have a pocket reference. And this is a lot of reference information for a small price.

Getting yourself to change behavior is hard – even if it’s something you really want. When it comes to changing behaviors, it’s helpful to think of yourself as a coach. A coach will push you hard when he knows you can do better. But if you work really hard and give 100%, he’ll also reward you for a job well done. Any achievement plan should also include incentives and rewards. For example, if you hate public speaking but realize you have to improve your skills to get a better position, you might commit to treat yourself to ice cream whenever you deliver a speech for your public speaking class.

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