Is Tithing Bible Approved?

Accidentally going out for lunch today, I realized it was Black Friday as everyone and their mother (except my mother) trampled passed me for the best deals.

When we look at all of the areas of our lives where we feel a sense of entitlement, we can see that, as parents, we are not setting a good example for our children. We have to demonstrate the kind of lifestyle that we Christian apologetics want our children to follow.

Yes, we should always strive to give God his due worship and honor but still believe he wants us to enjoy many ways of expressing ourselves and participate in many different avenues of entertainment. You should be able to decipher if what you say, do, listen to, gives glory to The Almighty or at least, does not contradict his commandments. The Lord himself went to secular events and listened to music that was not Christian. He said himself, he did not come to save the “righteous” but to bring sinners to repentance. Jesus himself hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes and the like. Never did he judge them but tried to save them.

Willow Park Church will be hosting this production from January 21-23 with a showing at Lake Country Creekside Theatre as well. The duration is roughly 2 hours with an intermission and refreshments available. Though payment is by donation, one must get a ticket to be presented on the night. Childcare is available for ages twelve and under.

He went on to write many novels, including The Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces, and The Screwtape Letters, and books on Christian apologetics, like The Problem of Pain, The Abolition of Man, and Mere proof for God. In 1950, he published The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the first of the seven Chronicles of Narnia books.

Within the first six months I started vomiting every morning, my mother brought me to every specialist for 12 months, no answers. I couldn’t eat breakfast and until around 6 years ago, this was the case. I now understand that I was terrified, so much that my stomach reacted. This made everything with rochee worse, as the more he hit me, the more sick I got, the more behind I got, the more I got hit. My personal record was 128 strikes in one go. The worse part was he would have you change hands after every 10. The first of the ten was the hardest , he would hit a kind of beat, so the strikes would lose force. He would then have you change hands and the dance would start again.

By the time you finish with homeschooling high school, an avid reader will have plowed through an impressive array of books. Make sure to capture them in a reading list (even if it is partial.) This can demonstrate to colleges that your students love to learn.

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