How To Trace A Cell Phone Number – Is It A Friend Or A Bill Collector? Find Out Fast

A recent ABC News report revealed yet another tool that thieves are using to scam unsuspecting consumers. It’s called Caller Id Spoofing, and it requires almost no special skills or equipment to pull it off. How is it done? The thieves just call you over the phone. The trick is in the caller ID.

That’s bad news for those scared teenagers who in trying to muster the confidence to call a crush for a potential date gets cold feet and hangs up after one ring. That call used to be anonymous and no one was the wiser. Not anymore. Now the person called can find the call on caller id and do a phone trace online. They will quickly know the name of the person registered to that number.

Hire a private investigator – A P.I. can run a reverse search for you but it there will be a cost associated with this. Most of the time a private investigator will not charge you if their search is not successful. You will usually end up spending anywhere from $50 to $200 dollars for this type of service.

A backwards phone lookup is a website with one simple purpose: Helping people find the owners of strange phone numbers. If you happen to use only a landline, then you can get a caller ID which will tell you the name of callers using listed landlines. But caller ID on cell phones usually just gives the number that called you, and no kind of caller ID can identify the names of cell phone owners. If you need an address, caller ID is almost no help at all. That’s what makes backwards phone lookups so useful.

How it works is pretty simple. TrapCall reroutes your unanswered blocked calls through a 1-800 number, then back to you. Anonymity is denied to 1-800 numbers, so TrapCall picks up the number as the data moves through their servers. According to a Wired test, the rerouting process only took 6 seconds on AT&T-and during that time all the caller hears is standard ringing.

Try one of the free directories – There are free reverse cell نمبر بوك directories out there but they are lacking in the amount of numbers and information they have. This is because they work on a voluntary basis. In order to use their service you must enter your cellular number, name, and other information as do all the other members.

There are various voice altering products available to the general public for both for personal and business uses. They range from toys that kids play with that can change voice to sound like other voices, to ones that are used for mobile phones and can change among 4-6 different voice types.

Think of all the possibilities you can use with this service. You can very easily bust your spouse cheating or having conversations with other people they shouldn’t be, keep tabs on who your teenagers are talking to, bust a prank caller who keeps calling and put a name to the phone number you wrote down on the napkin a few days ago.

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