How To Catch Largemouth Bass – 3 Easy To Use Bass Fishing Tips

Is there one lure that will work best for all type of bass fishing? Veterans of this sport fishing will be quick to tell you that it really depends on why the bass is striking the lure. It could be an instant reaction to a foreign object in the water, an attempt to defend their territory against what is seen as a predator or because the fish wants something to eat. It is highly unlikely that the bass would be trying to defend its territory unless you cast out your line near a nest. Therefore, a bright and shiny lure would grab attention, as would one containing food.

Spinner baits have a large, spinning, metal fin that agitates the fish. This causes the fish to attack the lure. These best fishing lures can be used anytime and are especially effective when the bass are spawning because during that time they are less interested in finding food.

A New England commercial fisherman is selling his fishing operation–He is “grossing” about $80K per year and claims a “cash flow” of $53k. Asking price $105k.

Sinker- a sinker or plummet is a weight used in conjunctions with a wholesale lures or a hook to increase its rate of sink, anchoring abilities and casting distance. They are formed nearly innumerable shapes for diverse fishing applications.

As a wooden lure maker, I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the art of making suspending lures. It’s not a simple task, as the weight balance has to be absolutely perfect. Nonetheless, there is a technique that can be used for consistent results, and I’ve described this in previous articles and on my website.

Spinning reels: Spinning reels are reels that have a spool that is stationary. The line is spun onto the spool as a device called a “bail” rotates around it. Spinning reels can be used for any size of line but more experienced fly fishers will use it for lightweight lures with a weight less than ten pounds. Spinning reels tend to perform a little better than baitcasting reels when you’re casting into the wind. One disadvantage of using a spinning reel is that there is the inevitable twisting of the line which will create tangles and knots. When your line becomes twisted the best thing that you can do is replace the line with a new one. One way that you can prevent some of these tangles from occurring is by using washing up liquid on the line.

There are bass jigs that have a weed guard and bass jigs that come without. The most common jigs usually have a weed guard. The key to using a bass fishing jig with a weed guard is to trim it back just a bit. The purpose for this is to make sure that the bass will hook itself properly when it bites down on the jig. Many a fisherman has lost big bass.

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