How Does Wood Get Recycled?

Anyone who has ever mulched a garden knows how valuable it can be to a garden. In colder climates, it protects plants over the Winter. In the Summer, it helps the soil retain water. As the mulch degrades, it provides valuable nutrients and organic matter to the soil.

I was curious what happened to all of this and did some checking around. It turned out that our county has a Community Reclamation Center. It is a place where people can drop off their recyclables. And it is a ways away from the landfill (thank God, lol). But further back in the reclamation center, there are a couple of free garden goodies.

ODon’t leave holiday lights unattended. I handled a claim for some people who placed those single electric candles in each window. It sure was beautiful…but one of the candles caught the drapes on fire and burned the house down. Hundreds of house fires happen each year from unattended decorative lights.

Fallen autumn leaves are a free, abundant material you can mulch your garden with. They have a tendency to mat down so find a way to shred or break them apart. You can use a wood chipper Suppliers or shredder. If you don’t have access to one of those, you can spread them on the ground in a 2 to 3 inch layer and mow over them with your lawn mower. Another way to break them up is to put them into a hard plastic bucket or trash can and go after them with your weed wacker. Spread shredded autumn leaves 2 to 3 inches thick.

Wood shredders are a much more convenient option than rakes and bags but you have to ask yourself if you want to purchase one or just rent. Some jobs can be too much to handle in one day or even a weekend and after you rent one you might find that you’d like to have one at your disposal or that it’s not worth having. So, maybe renting one is the best way to make an informed decision before you purchase.

After the tree limbs are ground up, the wood chips get “sprayed” into a truck through a chute. If a person is pulled through a chipper…his mulched remains get sprayed into the truck along with the wood chips. When this happened a few years ago in Colorado, the coroner referred to the remains as morselization. Being pulled into a chipper is a near-instantaneous death.

Mixing up some mulch or compost from your autumn leaves is actually a simple process, and can be a satisfying way to add some welcome nutrients to your garden.

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