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You’re ready to run as fast as you can. There is only one problem. You’re stuck in a swamp and can only move your legs with great effort. How can you run fast? Get out of the swamp.

Two more important questions a person needs to answer are: “How much money do I want to make?” and “How much time am I prepared to spend on my small scale business?” If you are trying to create a substantial income that will be your primary source of funds, then selling bracelets on eBay might not be the answer. They would need to be some REALLY cool bracelets. Even if the demand was there, the amount of time you would have to spend to make enough bracelets to meet that demand might be too high.

You have to prove this concept. And since you believe in your business ideas, this hill is far from insurmountable. There are two main types of business financing out there for you, debt financing and equity financing. With debt financing, you simply borrow the money and agree to pay it back at regular intervals and a set interest rate. However, you’ll owe this money in return, whether your business thrives or flounders. This is risky, but with the aforementioned proper business plan, a lot of lenders are willing to take the chance on you. With equity financing, you’re selling partial ownership of your business in exchange for the startup funds. If the business fails, the investors assume the risk. But if your startup business succeeds, they’ll be the ones making the lion’s share of the profit.

The big number`s law is incredible: if you build two contacts on the first day and every contact adds two contacts every day, in the end of the month you have over 20 million contacts.

The company has to be in good financial shape. If it’s on the brink of financial disaster, then it doesn’t make sense to do startup business with them. Make sure they are sound with no, or very little, debt. Also, check online ratings agencies for customer complaints. Not every company will be perfect, but the majority of what is said should be positive.

The small tattoo design follows that age old principle, Less Is More. A beautiful little heart, a small set of angel wings, a tiny tribal, butterfly, Celtic cross, dolphin, whatever, can make a bolder statement than a full back tattoo. Well, I suppose that isn’t really true. A full back tattoo makes a huge statement, but if you are looking into small tattoo designs, I don’t think that is the statement you are looking to make.

Another thing that you have to decide before you start to market your business is where are you going to get the things you are selling? Are they hand made things that you make yourself, or are they things that you have designed or purchased from somewhere else? All of these decisions will come into play and need to be thought through before you even begin your home business.

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