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Stay at home moms are considered to be full time employees these days. It has been calculated that if you were to earn a salary for what you do at home it would be $116,805.00 as of 2007. Of course that is totally hypothetical. There are telecommuting jobs, freelance jobs and home business jobs you could do that would earn an income but none that pay for being a stay at home mom.

Schedule time specifically for your kids or husband. It will make it easier to get your work done if you put this on a day timer where every one can see it.

But let’s look at another simple fact of life, there is virtually no way a worker at a daycare center can love your child as much as you do. Even if they could love them in the same way you do, the ratio of caretakers to children in most daycare centers are four or five to one. Even the most dedicated, compassionate worker simply doesn’t have time to give as much individual attention as is sometimes needed.

Groceries – Especially if #capitalone makes money tight, you’ll probably be eating at home more. Fortunately, it also means you have more time to make home cooked meals if so inclined.

Children are another distraction even when you’re feeling motivated. It takes time to teach them to let you work, and very young ones won’t understand at all. Many work at home parents do use daycare or have a family member or friend take the kids so they can get work done. Have realistic expectations for your family.

As the child grows, his needs undergo change. No one can understand the needs of a child better than his mother. She is the closest person for her child. No one can substitute parental care for kids, no baby sitter, no day care not even any relative can take the place of the things that parents do for their kids. The best care to kids is provided at home and there are no doubts about it. The kids that are brought up in day care are likely to face more aggression and stress in comparison to those kids that are bought up at home.

Arguments over who works more- Many stay at home parents find themselves in discussions about who works more. The full time worker is carrying the weight of the entire households financial stress on their shoulders. At the same time, Mom is running an entire household. Her job is 24/7 and at times when she feels unappreciated and wants a break, Dad may not be excited about watching the children because he has worked all day. How will you handle this?

There are so many things that decide whether the mom should stay at home with kids or be a working mom, such as spousal support, financial situation, availability of work, personal choice, age of the kids etc. sometime it is really a tough job to be a mom. In the end, we can conclude that no matter whether a mom is working or stay at home mom, she should be given great respect and a big applause in the society then anyone else for all the work and sacrifices that she does for her kids.

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